I'm 22, Well That's What It Says On My Birth Certificate... Mentally, Not So Much.

I Am Currently A Student At Teesside University On The TV and Film Production Course.

Currently Living In Middlesbrough.

I Love Comedy And I Can Be Selfish When It Comes To It. It's A very Strange Feeling
- Pete Firman
- Barry And Stuart
- Chris Ramsey
- Jason Cook
- Matt Reed
- Rob Rouse
(To Name A Few)

Music Is Also A Big Part Of My Life..

I absolutely love Who's Driving? Bears Driving! and currently having a thing for Sleeping With Sirens.

My blog is mainly that of boys, food and more attractive men.

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Little’uns hair yesterday after taking her fish tail plaits out.

Little’uns hair yesterday after taking her fish tail plaits out.

When you realise your mother is never going to let go of the past…

When you realise your mother is never going to let go of the past…


Falling in love with someone is honestly one of the most terrifying things ever because then you’re completely vulnerable. They could leave you, hurt you, anything and there’s no way to stop it from hurting you endlessly.

Do it on here and not on Facebook.

You are a cheating whore. You slept with your boyfriends best friend. A complete stranger. And you did things with your driving instructor.

You’re perfect for each other. He’s a waste of space jobless cunt. And you’re a thieving, lying, cheating scumbag.

I may have a half mark boyfriend. But we don’t pretend to be anything more than we are….

Go fuck yourself. And everyone else. Cos you like doing that…

Live in debt for the rest of your life.

Anonymous asked
do you miss 'em?

Who’s ‘em? What am I missing?

I don’t get how you can lack so much responsibility and motivation in your life..

Anonymous asked
Like your onesie in your profile pic! My best friend Sarah got me one of those for my Christmas present :)

Why thank you. It’s just a poncho dressing gown. Would love it as a full on onsie.

Anonymous asked
Have you ever thought about talking to her to find out why she just upped and left? Or are you just past caring and just wanting your money back? Surely there must be more to it. Blackmail should not be an option whether she's a friend or not.

I’m past caring. Like, she says it was the damp, but she never fought to get anything sorted. I just think it was a scape goat to get out.

I fought to get out of the house and I’m paying for it now massively. I’m not even getting my deposit back cos of her. Which is really grand.

Honestly wish her all the luck in the world. She was one of my best mates, but I can’t deal with people who shit all over me.

I love my new house cos I can sleep naked and not freeze my nips off